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John & Susan Merrell
41390 Hwy 226
Scio, OR 97374
503-551-7219 (cell)
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Delaware alpaca farms will continue making a larger contribution to the State's agricultural production as the industry grows. Growing a great variety of fruits and vegetables, Delaware is a U.S. pioneer in the food-canning industry, corn, soybeans, potatoes, and hay are important crops. While Delaware's broiler-chicken farms supply the big Eastern markets, fishing and dairy products are other important industries. Alpaca owners in Delaware are expanding the State's rich agricultural history.
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"Upstairs, at the desk, he was handing in the volumes to the young woman whose duty it was to receive them when he was hailed by a brisk little man in an alpaca coat, with a skin like brown parchment..."

Winston Churchill
The Inside of the Cup
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