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John & Susan Merrell
41390 Hwy 226
Scio, OR 97374
503-551-7219 (cell)
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Florida alpaca farms are making an increasing contribution to the State's agricultural production as the industry grows. Oranges, grapefruit, and other citrus fruits lead Florida's agricultural products list, followed by potatoes, melons, strawberries, sugar cane, peanuts, dairy products, and cattle. Tourism and manufacturing are also important to the State's economy. Alpaca breeders in Florida have founded an active and supportive breed association, and alpacas have proven to be a breed adaptable to the Floridian climate.

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"The dark, brilliant eyes fixed themselves on the slight, flat-chested little form, clad in brown alpaca..."

- Anne Aldrich
A Village Ophelia and Other Stories
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