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John & Susan Merrell
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Scio, OR 97374
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Kentucky alpaca farms will contribute increasingly to the State's agricultural production as the alpaca industry grows. Producer of some of the nation's best tobacco, horses, and whiskey corn, soybeans, wheat, fruit, hogs, cattle, and dairy products are among the chief agricultural items. Manufactured items produced in the state include motor vehicles, furniture, aluminum ware, brooms, apparel, lumber products, machinery, textiles, and iron and steel products. Kentucky also produces significant amounts of petroleum, natural gas, fluorspar, clay, and stone. Alpaca breeders have found this sturdy breed of livestock well adapted to the State's climate and geography. Some of the nation's largest alpaca shows have been held in Kentucky.

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"It was a heavily built old gentleman in a suit of black alpaca, somewhat frayed and baggy at the knees, but still respectable..."

- Thomas Aldrich
The Queen of Sheba & My Cousin the Colonel
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