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John & Susan Merrell
41390 Hwy 226
Scio, OR 97374
503-551-7219 (cell)
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Maine alpaca farms will continue to make a larger contribution to the State's agricultural production as the industry grows. Producing 98% of the nation's low-bush blueberries, farm income is also derived from apples, potatoes, dairy products, and vegetables, with poultry and eggs the largest selling items. Maine is one of the world's largest pulp-paper producers, turning out wood products from boats to toothpicks. Maine has established a strong and supportive network of alpaca breeders.

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"And he might have been excused for feeling so; for instead of the black alpaca, Camilla now wore a simple but effectively charming toilette such as 'Hugo's' created and sold to women..."

- Arnold Bennett
Hugo, A Fantasia on Modern Themes
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