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John & Susan Merrell
41390 Hwy 226
Scio, OR 97374
503-551-7219 (cell)
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Massachusetts alpaca farms  will continue to make a larger contribution to the State's agricultural production as the industry grows. Famous for the intellectual activity of its writers and educators and for its expanding commercial fishing, shipping, and manufacturing interests, Massachusetts pioneered the manufacture of textiles and shoes. Today, the electronics and communications equipment fields have gained prominence. The state's cranberry crop is the nation's second-largest. Also important are dairy and poultry products, nursery and greenhouse produce, vegetables, and fruit.

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"The women had turned their black alpaca and cashmere skirts inside out, tucking the edgesabout their stout hips; beneath the wide vivid circles of the drippingumbrellas these brilliantly colored under-petticoats showed a liberal revelation of scarlet hose and thick ankles sunk in the freshlypolished black sabots..."

Anna Bowman Dodd
In and Out of Three Normady Inns
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