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alpaca farming

Alpaca farming has unique aspects and pleasures. Principals associated with any farm operation are applicable to ownership of alpacas.

Other aspects of alpaca farming are unique to this hardy breed of livestock.

Many alpaca owners and breeders have scant background about farming or livestock, and information can be difficult to find. A lot of knowledge about farming is being lost as smaller family farms are absorbed into modern mono-culture agriculture largely controlled by major corporations such as Archer Daniels Midland, Carghill, Monsanto and others.

The plight of the family owned and operated farm is dire, and their collective wisdom and knowledge disappearing.

When Gateway Farm was founded, neither Susan or John had a great deal of experience in farming.  Such seemingly simple tasks as building a fence, raising a shelter, or shearing alpacas were an enigma.

Even basic tasks like developing a realistic farm business plan proved to be a new experience. 

Over the course of a decade or more these skills and many more have been learned and cultivated. 

We hope that the information contained on these pages is helpful for the alpaca farm, or for anyone operating a small farm based on sustainable principals.

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"He wore a big cluster diamond pin, a sort of hen-and-chickens of his own, secured by a minute guard-chain on a ruffled shirt-front of snowiest linen, where clung dry crumbs of the "fine-cut" which puffed the lower side pockets of his gray alpaca sack coat. His gold-headed cane was almost a bludgeon..."

- George Cabel
Gideons Band, A Tale of the Mississippi
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