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Shear Sharpening Services

Shear Sharpening Services for combs and cutters. Fast turnaround for low prices. Gateway Farm Alpacas now offers do-it-yourself shearers the opportunity to keep their combs and cutters conveniently sharpened.

We have experienced the difficulty of getting our shearing combs and cutters sharpened in a reliable and timely manner. For several years we used the services of an old sheep shearer, but when we relocated we were forced to conduct a long and fruitless search for a new source of sharpening services. Well, we finally broke down and purchased the necessary equipment to do it ourselves, which puts us in a position to do it for you also.

We offer low rates and quick turnaround. All shearing combs and cutters will be sharpened on quality equipment with the same care that we give to our own shearing equipment.


  • Combs - $2.00 per comb
  • Cutters - $1.50 per cutter
  • Shipping - $8.00 flat fee for shipping, whether for 1 set or 100 sets

Above prices are for clean combs and cutters in good condition. Combs/cutters requiring cleaning will be charged an extra $2.00 each. (Cleaning old, oily fiber out of the recesses of a shearing blade is a tedious task.) Combs/cutters suffering from rust and corrosion will be subject to additional charges.

Note: We are currently only offering this service for combs and cutters. We do not have the lapping machine necessary to sharpen clipper blades.

In most cases we will have your combs and cutters sharpened and in the return mail within 24 hours of receipt.

Please complete this form and proceed to the next page for a printable invoice and shipping/payment instructions:

@ $2.00 each $
@ $1.50 each $
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