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Disaster Checklist

An emergency and disaster planning checkilst is a good way to insure that all the bases have been covered in emergency planning. What follows should not be considered to be complete or authoritative, but rather as a starting point for sound farm emergency planning.

The following documents should be prepared as part of disaster planning. Copies should be kept where they are easily accessible in the case of evacuation, or by other people that may respond to the emergency in the owners stead.


  • Farm Owner-Emergency Responsibilities - Who will be responsible for what in the case of an emergency?
  • Farm Asset Information - A complete list of assets, useful for insurance and during disaster recovery , At a minimum it should include:
    • Basic Farm Information
    • Site Plan of Farm
    • Inventory of Assets
  • Business Records
  • Personal Papers (Identification, banking, wills, etc.)
  • Emergency Contact Information

Emergency Communications

  • Emergency Contact List
  • Alternate Emergency Communication Devices
  • Pre-arranged Emergency Family Meeting Place

Health, Safety and Food for the Farm Family

  • Emergency Home Food Supplies
  • Emergency Home Water Supplies
  • First Aid Kit
  • Camping Supplies and Tools for Emergency Use
  • Standby Power System - Home
  • Minimum Power Equipment for the Home
  • Backup Standby Power Arrangements

Health, Safety, Water and Feed Supplies for Livestock/Poultry

  • Adequate emergency water supplies for animals/livestock
  • Adequate emergency feed supplies for animals/livestock
  • Livestock Inventory
  • Prioritized list of livestock for evacuation
  • Emergency Arrangements for Ensuring Water Supplies
  • Emergency Arrangements for Ensuring Feed Supplies
  • Essential Barn Equipment - plans to remove and/or protect
  • Emergency Arrangements for Ensuring Operation of Barn Equipment
  • Livestock Evacuation Plan
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