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Fence Calculator

Use this calculator to estimate materials and cost for your fencing.

The values which are already filled are sample values. You can change the value in any any yellow cell if necessary.

Use the length calculator to estimate the length of your fence. Enter values in the length calculator if fence area is reasonably regular. If the fence line is irregular because of boundaries, topography, etc., then enter the value directly under General Inputs.

If you have drawn up a pasture plan, then it is best to directly fill in the General Inputs.

General Inputs

If you have a plan drawn up, this is the best place to start. Complete all fields based on your plan.

Length of fence
Length Calculator

Use this to generate estimates for entry into the "General Inputs" table if you don't have a plan drawn up.

sq. ft
paddock ft
Material Costs
Item Number Unit Cost/Unit Total cost
Line e.a $
Brace e.a $
Corner e.a $
Spacers e.a $
Woven Wire ft roll $
Barbed Wire ft roll $
Total e.a $
Labor Costs
Item Number Unit Time/Unit Cost/unit Total hrs Total cost
Line posts post min $
Corner or end assemblies ea. hr $
Spacers min $
Woven wire
unwind and stretch ft min $
fasten posts min/post $
Barbed/Smooth Wire
unwind and stretch ft min $
fasten post min per post/wire $
Tractor cost cost/hr
post driver post min $
Total cost Cost/mile Cost/ft Cost/ac
Materials $ $ $ $
Labor $ $ $ $
Total $ $ $ $
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"His dress was simple, consisting of a pair of trowsers, and a shirt of the cotton cloth of the country, of a dark blue colour; a poncho of alpaca wool covered his shoulders, while a sash was fastened round his waist, and his feet were protected by sandals, fastened on by leather thongs. He threw himself on the ground before my father, who went to meet him, and taking his hand, he looked up imploringly in his face...."

W.H.G. Kingston
Manco, the Peruvian Chief - An Englishman's Adventures in the Country of the Incas
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