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Alpaca Accessories

Alpaca accessories, including hats, scarves and gloves, offer the perfect finishing touch for those times when a bit of warmth makes all the difference.  From functional to stylish, alpaca accessories have "got you covered."

afcnaGloves AFCNA Gloves - Made in the United States of North American produced alpaca fiber, these 100% alpaca gloves are warm and durable.  Unique manufacturing process results in no seams in the fingers, thumbs or palm of the glove.  This is a feature that you can really feel!  In our experience, they wear best if they are given one washing.  More functional than stylish, they are great for the outdoors or driving.

doubleLayerGlove RedMaple Double Layer Glove - A more stylish glove, these feature a suede palm and two layers of 100% baby alpaca.  Imported from Peru by RedMaple, they are available from the Alpaca Fiber Cooperative of North America.


alpacaCap Baby Alpaca Cap - 100% baby alpaca, this beanie will keep you warm all winter!  No scratchy feeling like wool might give, and 100% natural, unlike synthetics.  Custom manufactured for the Alpaca Fiber Cooperative of North America, this hat carries the Americas Alpaca™ label.  Imported from Peru.


Nordic Earflap Hat RedMaple Nordic Earflap Hat - This hat is a little more contemporary, perhaps even funky.  Sure to be a hit with the younger set.  100% baby alpaca means no itchy feeling.  This is a classic design borrowed from one used in cold climate cultures around the world.  The ear flaps are functional, and the multi color knit pattern means more yarn and more warmth.  Another RedMaple design, this hat is imported from Peru.
casual scarvesWoven Alpaca Scarf - Woven of 100% baby alpaca, these scarves are stylish or casual.  They look great draped over the shoulders of an overcoat, and they work great wrapped around a chilly neck.  Custom made in Peru for the Alpaca Fiber Cooperative of North America, they proudly carry the Americas Alpaca™ label.
Alpaca Sales

"Mrs. Hamilton, dressed in a plain, grey alpaca dress, rather hot and dusty after her long drive, sat on one of the low divans awaiting her. As Saidie entered, the glory of her youth and beauty struck upon the seated woman like a heavy blow, under which she started to her feet and stood for a second, involuntarily shrinking...."

- Victoria Cross
Six Women
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