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Alpaca Blankets

Alpaca blankets and throws bring a touch of luxury anywhere while remaining entirely utilitarian.  We have used two alpaca blankets on our bed every winter for over a decade.  They really are "warmer and softer than wool!"  We have used alpaca throws at many a High School football game on those chilly autumn evenings.  These items are available through the Alpaca Fiber Cooperative's on-line store.

Striped throws Striped Alpaca Throw - This throw is perfect as a functional decorating piece in any living room, or as a bed cover for a chilly evening.  Made of 70% alpaca and 30% wool, it exhibits all the character and luxury of alpaca fiber.  This item was made in Peru for the Alpaca Fiber Cooperative of North America.

boucleSolidThrow Alta Boucle' Throw - Made by RedMaple, this throw demonstrates all the warmth and softness of its 82% baby alpaca, and the extra durability of 18% nylon. A soft "nubby" feel is provided by the special yarn from which it is made.  It will serve as a functional decorating item for the discriminating homemaker, or is equally functional for a bed covering or even a chilly autumn evening in the grand stands!

boucleStripedThrows Alta Boucle' Plaid Throw - Offered by the  Alpaca Fiber Cooperative of North America, this throw offers a new look to the solid RedMaple throw.  Same nubby yarn, same blend of baby alpaca and nylon, but in new colors for the homemaker looking to add some variety.  Snuggle in and take the chill off a cold winter night.

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"A stout man in an alpaca jacket and panama hat was seated on the bare lawn, his back to the sun, reading a newspaper. He tried in vain to avoid the glare of the sun on his reading..."

D.H. Lawrence
The Trespasser
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