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Alpaca Socks

Alpaca Socks bring a new experience to foot care. Warm and dry, alpaca maintains its insulating abilities even when wet.  In our experience, alpaca demonstrates superior wicking abilities to any fiber that we have worn.

extreme-socks Extreme Alpaca™ Boot Socks - made in the United States from North America produced alpaca fiber, we consider these to be close to the "perfect sock".  Rugged enough for the active outdoorsman, yet equally functional for casual wear. These are a relatively heavy, calf length sock. Also available for kids or in a mid-calf length.

slipper-socks Terry Slipper Socks - An ankle length version of the ever popular Extreme socks, these are perfect for wearing around the house. Keep those feet warm and snug all year long.  85% alpaca fibers given a bit of added durability with 15% nylon and lycra.

Alpaca Copper Crew SocksAlpacaCopper Crew Sock - These socks, imported from Peru by RedMaple and offered through the Alpaca Fiber Cooperative of North America are lighter, dressier sock.  A 100% natural blend of un-dyed alpaca and cotton with the unique addition of copper in the yarn.  The copper reflects body heat, and some have claimed helps to relieve the symptoms of stress and aging (we'll let you make your own mind up about that.)  A prefect sock for the office or a casual night out.

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"He hunted hard again and found something for 'Mrs. Cricket from her friends in the White House,'--a fine alpaca dress..."

- Robert Anderson
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