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Alpaca Fiber

Alpaca Fiber one of the world's rarest natural fibers. Luxuriously soft, exceptionally light, warmer than wool, alpaca is often confused with synthetic fibers. Alpaca fiber is abrasion resistant and maintains its insulating properties even when wet. Sometimes referred to as alpaca wool, it actually should be called a fiber since it possesses both hair and wool like properties.

Fiber Overview

Alpaca fiber, sometimes mistakenly referred to as alpaca wool, is sorted into 22 distinct colors, ranging from blacks through browns and whites, and including subtle shades of maroon, peach and grays. Alpaca fiber can be blended into an infinite array of natural colors, including combinations that do not occur naturally. Alpaca fiber takes and retains dyes very well.

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Fiber Traits

Alpaca Fiber Traits are unique amongst all natural fibers.  It can be found in knitted goods ranging from socks to expensive sweaters.  It is also found in woven goods ranging from blankets to coats and high end fashion.  What is it about alpaca that makes it so versatile?

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Production Stats

Alpaca fiber is a rare commodity on the global markets.  In large part due to this rarity it has maintained a relatively high value over the years.

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Fiber Values

Alpaca fiber can be valued in many ways, depending on the market the producer is selling to.  Actual prices obtained by the producer are influenced by all the factors influencing any other farm product, including market niche, geographic location and supply and demand.

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Fiber Glossary

Fiber artisans, and the textile industry, have developed an entire vocabualry that is bewildering to those not familiar with it.  this glossary may help by giving some basic descriptions of the words and terminology.

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"Letty drew a long breath and tried to feel resigned. 'She's got on her black alpaca,' said she. 'She's comin' to spend the day!' David answered her look with one of commiseration..."

- Alice Brown
Tiverton Tales
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