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OFDA 2000

The OFDA 2000 is a portable computerised fibre measurement instrument using similar technology to the OFDA 100. It allows the measurement of fiber diameter profile along the length of the staple.

It was initally developed for the measurement of greasy wool staples direct from the sheep's back or from a fleece at shearing time. With a throughput of 100 samples per hour it is well adapted for use in the commercial shearing shed - potentially keeping pace with as many as four experience shearers.

The OFDA 2000 measures:

  • Mean fibre diameter (distribution histogram).
  • Percentage of fibres greater than 30 microns.
  • Curvature and standard deviation of curvature.
  • Staple length and along staple profile.
  • Position of the finest and broadest points along the staple.

It does not, however, measure medulation. Nor has the OFDA 2000 recieved a test method certification from IWTO.

The OFDA 2000 measures wool’s characteristics along the total length of staples – in real time and on farm. As of this writing there is only one vendor offering OFDA 2000 testing in the United States, which makes the "real time" features of the technology a moot point.

The fact that the OFDA reports variations in fibers along the length makes it a potentially valuable tool for the fiber producer, since it can identify environmental and nutritional effects on fiber production.

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