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Gateway's Cira

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Gateway's Cira offers the discriminating buyer strong color genetics and above average density.  She descends from a combination of classic and relatively unusual bloodlines carefully selected to produce a superior animal

ciraName: Gateway's Cira

ARI #: 1241006

DOB: August 23, 2005

Color: Dark Brown

Sire: CSA Mahogany

Dam: Uber's Rainsong

Cira has strong color genetics in her pedigree, which reveals such names as CSA Mahogany, PPeruvian Leon, and SA Karrington.

She is conformationally sound and produces an exceptionally dense fleece.  This girl holds great promise.

Value: $25,000

Alpaca Sales

"As she came into the small business-section she inspected a broad-beamed grocer in an alpaca coat who was bending over the apples and celery on a slanted platform in front of his store..."

- Sinclair Lewis
Main Street
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