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Hiku is a striking true black proven dam.  She has produced an exceptional fleece year in and year out.

hikuName: Hiku

ARI #: 834065

DOB: October 4, 2001

Color: True Black

Sire: WVR's The Outlaw josey Wales

Dam: Uber's Rainsong

Hiku is a striking animal that represents the best of her mixed heritage.

She preserves the genetics of a relatively rare line reflected in her paternal pedigree.  Both her sire, Josey Wales, and her grand-sire, PPeruvian Demetrio, passed on long before their full potentials were realized.

Her maternal pedigree demonstrates her strong color genetics, and includes names such as R.V. Teddy and SA Karrington.

Hiku is a very mellow girl with strong maternal instincts.

Value: $25,000

Alpaca Sales

"I am always telling you that it is all rubbish," she continued, turning a broad expanse of alpaca-covered back upon her audience. "I am always telling you that you are no more a count than Fischelowitz is a grand duke, that the whole thing is a foolish imagination which you have stuck into your head, as one sticks tobacco into a paper shell..."

- F. Marion Crawford
A Cigarette-Maker's Romance
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