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Gateway's Jubilee

Jubilee is a proven dam with color genetics worth adding to any breeding program.

jubilee091806Name: Gateway's Jubilee

ARI#: 1241198

DOB: May 30, 2003

Color: Registered True Black, but in reality somewhere between Bay Black and Dark Brown

Sire: CSA Mahogany

Dam: Three Buttes Ranch Black Pepper

Jubilee is a beautiful dark brown/bay black proven dam. Her pedigree is filled with color!  Her mother, 3BR Pepper was a rare roan alpaca.

  •  Grand sire - Teddy's Bear (true black)
  • Grand Dam - 3 BR Muffin (true black)
  • Great grand sire - R.V. Teddy (true black)
  • Great grand dam - Uber's Susan T. (silver grey)
  • Great grand dam - Silver Gem (silver grey)
  • Great great grand sire - SA Karrington (silver grey)
  • Great great grand sire - L.F. Rothschild (true black)

These strong color genetics have been complimented by the introduction of Peruvian genetics on her paternal side through CSA Mahogany and PPeruvian Leon.

Value: $21,000

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"It was a black silk dress, with a crape shawl, a firmly defensive bonnet, and an alpaca umbrella with a stern-looking and decided knob presiding as its handle..."

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