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Gateway's Olivia

Gateway's Olivia is a gorgeous light brown, proven dam with a very strong pedigree.

oliviaandcria091896Name: Gateway's Olivia

ARI#: 1241037

DOB: May 6, 2004

Color: Light Brown

Sire: CSA Mahogany

Dam: Gateway's Sierra

Olivia demonstrates the best of her mixed pedigree.  Her Peruvian heritage includes such names as PPeruvian Leon, Park Avenue and Peruvian Oro, while she carries on the strong color genetics of her Chilean background, which show such names ans R.V. Teddy and SA Karrington.

She has produced a number of quality animals for us, including Gateway's Aberdare.

Value: $23,000

Alpaca Sales

"His dress was simple, consisting of a pair of trowsers, and a shirt of the cotton cloth of the country, of a dark blue colour; a poncho of alpaca wool covered his shoulders, while a sash was fastened round his waist, and his feet were protected by sandals, fastened on by leather thongs. He threw himself on the ground before my father, who went to meet him, and taking his hand, he looked up imploringly in his face...."

W.H.G. Kingston
Manco, the Peruvian Chief - An Englishman's Adventures in the Country of the Incas
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