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Uber's Rainsong

Rainsong is an older black dam that is a proven producer of quality offspring.  We have to admit that we have no idea why she was originally registered as a dark brown animal, since there is not a brown fiber on her!

rainson091806Name: Uber's Rainsong

ARI#: 154509

DOB: October 25, 1994

Color: Registered as Dark Brown, but is a True Black

Sire: R.V. Teddy

Dam:  Kolob Shawne

Rainsong has been a consistent producer of colored animals on our farm.  She is a very mellow girl.

She has played an important role in our breeding program.  She is getting up there in age, so we are letting her go at a deep discount.

Value: $8,000

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"There were men with fans and alpaca coats curled up in splint chairs in the verandah of the one hotel—among them an ex-President of the United States. He completed the impression that the furniture of the entire country had been turned out of doors for summer cleaning in the absence of all the inhabitants...

Rudyard Kipling
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