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Alpaca Sales - Males

The Gateway Farm breeding program is aimed at developing alpacas that will predictably produce healthy, reproductively sound animals with above average fleece yields. High standards mean that many of our males do not "make the cut" for use in our breeding program, and are sold at prices usually associated with production animals. This does not necessarily reflect on their relative quality.

Derwydd Luciano's Peruvian Llantha

Llantha displays what one would expect from his strong Peruvian heritage.

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Gateway's Nayati

Gateway's Nayati is a gorgeous young boy with an exceptionally dense, dark brown fleece.

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Alpaca Sales

"Half an hour after the wagon left, Nat Wheeler put on an alpaca coat and went off in the rattling buckboard in which, though he kept two automobiles, he still drove..."

- Willa Cather
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