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First Meal

The new cria gets its first meal. It takes a bit for the new baby to find the dinner tray and latch on, but it is amazing to see how powerful instinct is in a new baby.

Baby alpaca's first meal

12:30 PM - Baby finds the milk bar! A new cria will naturally go toward the shady underside of mom in an effort to find milk. It will try suckling here and there until it finally finds food. In the case of a night birth, or in a darkended barn or shelter, providing overhead light is a good idea as it will help the baby to move to the right spot. When the baby has latched on good its tail will usually curl up over its back, and you may see mom breathing on its rear end.

Alpaca Sales

"The foreman turned round to hear patiently and, lifting an elbow, began to scratch slowly in the armpit of his alpaca jacket..."

James Joyce
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