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First Steps

The new cria takes its first steps. After several fruitless tries she is on her feet for the first time, and in this case never fell over again.

New alpaca's first steps

12:00 PM - Wobbly as can be, she is on her feet at last. This cria, once she found her legs, never fell again, even when she stumbled over the irrigation pipe in the background a few minutes after this photo was taken. She will very quickly go looking for the diner. At this point we have removed all of Rainsong's herdmates in order that the baby does not get confused about who has the food.

Alpaca Sales

"The llama is the domesticated descendant of the guanaco, and the alpaca of the vicuna...we know that these animals were systematically bred and selected many centuries ago..."

- Charles Darwin
The Variation of Animals and Plants under Domestication
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