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Legs Emerge

The alpaca birthing process requires that the cria be properly aligned to make its exit. This means that it must present itself head first, belly down, and with its front legs extended over its head. This will be readily apparent.

The Crias Legs Emerge

10:45 AM - The cria's head is fully exited and its legs are showing. At this point we were not sure that the legs were properly aligned, but trusting nature we chose to observe. At this point fluid was draining from the cria's lungs and it was showing us the first signs of life, moving its lips.

Alpaca Sales

"The women had turned their black alpaca and cashmere skirts inside out, tucking the edgesabout their stout hips; beneath the wide vivid circles of the drippingumbrellas these brilliantly colored under-petticoats showed a liberal revelation of scarlet hose and thick ankles sunk in the freshlypolished black sabots..."

Anna Bowman Dodd
In and Out of Three Normady Inns
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