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New Life

The birth sequence is over, and a new cria is on the ground. At this point we want to be sure that the membrane that surrounded the cria in the womb is clear of its mouth and nostrils so that it can breath freely.

New Life

11:01 AM - We have a baby on the ground! Rainsong is checking out the product of her labors. Shortly all of her herdmates will be congregated around inspecting the new baby. New births really serve to show just how social these animals are.

In this photo you can see still the membrane that envelopes the cria in the womb. 

Alpaca Sales

"Mrs. McGregor, hot but triumphant in a petticoat that crackled like brittle ice beneath her black alpaca skirt and a pair of white cotton gloves at the fingers of which she was continually tugging..."

- Sara Bassett
Carl and the Cotton Gin
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