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Alpacas as a Lifestyle

Alpacas have become a part of a change in lifestyle for an increasing number of people. For those with other sources of income, alpacas can produce a nice supplement while allowing them to get closer to the land and nature.

An increasing number of people have chosen to purchase alpacas as part of a change in lifestyle. Not interested in the competition of the show ring, or the hassles of a large scale marketing program, these individuals have found that a small herd of alpacas can produce supplemental income while providing the rewards, and tax benefits, of a small scale farm operation.

Individuals choosing to enter the alpaca industry at this level will probably want to purchase two to four mid-quality female alpacas, and in time acquire a herd sire alpaca suitable to their goals.

These individuals are able to experience the joys of the birthing season. They find satisfaction in a close relationship with their alpacas. They are content to sell the occasional alpaca or two to like minded souls. In the present market, they can reasonably expect to sell male alpacas they produce as pet or fiber quality animals for enough to cover their annual operating expenses, while obtaining $5-$10,000 or more for female alpacas that they choose to sell. They often choose to broker their females through larger or more competitive farms.

These alpaca breeders may be involved in the fiber arts, using all of the fiber produced on their farm. Alternately, they may develop other outlets for the alpaca fleece, selling to local fiber artists or contributing their annual clip to the national alpaca fiber cooperative.

These people have found that the magical alpaca provides many rewards that are not accessible to those caught in the rat race of urban living. They are able to take advantage of the tax benefits available to agricultural producers in the United States, including significant write-offs for their land and infrastructure, while producing a supplemental income for their household.

If you are interested in pursuing alpaca ownership as part of a lifestyle change, contact us. We will work with you to locate and purchase alpacas of a quality that is consistent with your goals.

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"A little further along we saw a reverend man named Pendergast, who had come to Soledad to build a church, standing under a cocoanut palm with his little black alpaca coat and green umbrella..."

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