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Veterinary care should always be done in conjunction with the advice of a licensed veterinarian. Fortunately, most common procedures and first aide can be done by the alpaca owner. It is very important that the owner know their herd, since even serious problems can develop quickly, with only subtle signs showing at first. When in doubt, contact your vet.

Vaccinations, worming and annual health checks are generally all that is required for maintaining an alpaca herd.  However, when medical problems do develop they can be serious, and they can develop quickly. An experienced alpaca vet is a valuable friend. Treat them well!

he following emergency medical supplies have been suggested by Dr David Anderson, a well known camelid vet. With these veterinary supplies the owner will be prepared for virtually any on-farm emergency. They can be kept in a tool or tackle box.


Sheet Cotton or Quilt Wrap 4
Roll Cotton - 1 lb roll 1
Vet-Wrap or Ace Bandage (2") 4
Vet-Wrap or Ace Bandage (4") 4
Gauze roll (stretch type ( 2") 4
Gauze roll (stretch type ( 4") 4
Gauze Pads 100

Bandaging Tape

Elastikon (4") 2
White Tape (2") 2
White Tape (4") 1
Telfa Pads (4") 4
Telfa Pads (6") 4

Topical Antiseptics:

Nitrofurazone Ointment 1
Povidone-Iodine Ointment 1
Triple Antibiotic Eye Ointment (without steroid) 1

Cleansing Antiseptics:

Betadine Scrub (16 oz) 1
Betadine Solution (16 oz) 1
Alcohol (Isopropyl (16 oz) 1
Hydrogen Peroxide (16 oz) 1

Miscellaneous Supplies:

Fleet Enema 2
Oxygen bottle or Abu-Bag? 1
Bandage Scissors (7") 1
Catheter tip syringe (60 cc) 2
Red Rubber Feeding tube (10 or 12 French) 1
Rubber gloves (pair) 2
Clean Bucket (stainless steel) 1

The alpaca’s natural environment is free of common parasites found in North America. For that reason, fecal checks and any needed worming is essential. This is particularly true in areas that have populations of white tailed deer, which carry the meningeal worm or in areas with a high incidence of liver flukes.  Both of these parasites can cause fatalities!

Your worming protocol and choice of medication should be worked out with your veterinarian.  Remember, routine worming is frowned upon since it has created drug resistant parasites.


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"He wore a big cluster diamond pin, a sort of hen-and-chickens of his own, secured by a minute guard-chain on a ruffled shirt-front of snowiest linen, where clung dry crumbs of the "fine-cut" which puffed the lower side pockets of his gray alpaca sack coat. His gold-headed cane was almost a bludgeon..."

- George Cabel
Gideons Band, A Tale of the Mississippi
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