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Books about Alpacas and Husbandry

Alpacas: Synthesis of a Miracle
Michael Safley
An icon in the American alpaca industry, Mr. Safely has never been afraid to address issues from a unique perspective. Always knowledgable, sometimes controversial, this book reflects his years of experience and deep respect of the alpaca.

The Complete Alpaca
Eric Hoffman
Hoffman has long played an effective counterpoint to Safley.  In this book he covers behavior, fiber, diet genetics and more.  Hoffman has spent significant time in South America, and served as a screener for the Alpaca Registry during the time that imports into the US were still taking place.

Llama and Alpaca Neonatal Care
Bradford B Smith
This is a must have book for the alpaca farm.  Covers the basics of alpaca birthing and new cria care, including problem deliveries and when a vet's intervention is required.  Our copy has gotten a bit dog eared over the years. 

Medicine and Surgery of South American Camelids: Llama, Alpaca, Vicuna, Guanaco
Murray E. Fowler
The definitive source for medical information about alpacas.  Not only should every farm have a copy of this book, but every farm should obtain a copy for the veterinarian.  We have stood in our vet's office as they looked through it determining a diagnosis and course of action. 

Natural Goat and Alpaca Care, Second Ed.
Pat Coleby
A simple to read book that covers a lot of ground about farming and the care of alpacas.  The husbandry include least invasive, natural and drug free remedies.


Alpaca Sales

"When near the buildings I met a white man, in such an unexpected elegance of get-up that in the first moment I took him for a sort of vision. I saw a high starched collar, white cuffs, a light alpaca jacket, snowy trousers, a clean necktie, and varnished boots. No hat. Hair parted, brushed, oiled, under a green-lined parasol held in a big white hand. He was amazing, and had a pen holder behind his ear..."

Joseph Conrad
Heart of Darkness
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