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"I Love Alpacas" - Alpacas and Children

Alpacas and Children have a natural affinity for each other. Perhaps it has to do with the natural innocence and curiosity that both alpacas and children are endowed with. Watching alpacas and children interact is truly a special experience. Here are a few poems written by kids after seeing alpacas.

Alpaca and ChildI love alpacas

They like to jump and run
and dance all day in the sun
They eat grass and hay
"nice and chewy" I think they say

We clean their water and their stall
they're always there when we call
I love alpacas cause they'r fuzzy and cozy
But you know they're awful nosy

Erin (Age 10)


They came to class yesterday,
One was black and one was gray.
They were so cute
in their soft fuzzy suit

There hair was soft when I touched it
But I was afraid they might spit
But they were nice and not a pest
I think I love alpacas the best

Kayla (Age 9)


They had a very long neck,
like girafes that had been in a wreck
They were prety neat
and they had funny feet

Jason (Age 9)


Alpacas are cool,
They have really warm wool,
Their favorite treat is grain,
But they don't like the rain,
They make a weird sound,
When something bad is going around,
I love there kreas,
There so cute and cuddly,
Just like a baby puppy, I love alpacas,
They are really cool

Cassandra (age 12)

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"The dark, brilliant eyes fixed themselves on the slight, flat-chested little form, clad in brown alpaca..."

- Anne Aldrich
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