The appendix will contain supporting materials for each section of the business plan, including:

  • Farm Map - Map of farm including layout of buildings
  • Past Statements - Financial statements for the past two to five years
  • Pictures - Pictures of farm operation, buildings and major equipment
  • Schedules - Supporting data and lists for financial statements
  • Curriculum Vitae of Owners/Managers - Resumes of managers/owners

Each section of the business plan provides an overview of a specific aspect of operation.  Detailed supporting documentation is better left for the end of the document.

Farm Map

A detailed map of the farm is essential, whether it is 5 acres or 500 acres.

A map facilitates planning various farm enterprises, the best usage of the facilities, sound land management practices, emergency planning and more.

A decent map of the farm will repay the time taken to make it many times over.

Past Statements

The business plan is a convenient place to keep past financial statements.  Of course, this does not mean attaching a bag full of receipts and cancelled checks!

2-3 years of bankd statements, and summarized balance sheets kept in one place are a good way to determine if the business is maintaining profitability, and if the financial goals are being realized.


A picture is worth a thousand words.

One valuable, and often overlooked purpose of pictures will become clear in case of loss.  Major capital items should be  well documented.  Consider photos of:

  • Breeding livestock
  • Barns, outbuildings and other structures
  • Tractors, implements and other equipment
  • Fencing, roads and pastures
  • etc.

A photographic record of the farm's operations will help to support many aspects of the business, including marketing, insurance, taxes, and more.


Again, having documentation supporting the business plan in one place is more than a simple convenience.

Assuming one has taken the time to thoroughly anylize the finaical details of the farm. this is the place to keep the detailed worksheets and schedules.  Items to include are:

  • Cash flow budget
  • Break even analysis for each farm enterprise
  • Enterprise records
  • Capital budget
  • Net Worth Statement (Balance Sheet)

Curriculum Vitae

Operating a farm involves a vast array of skills.  It has been said that we don't know what we know, and this is true of many business owners and perhaps most farm owners.

Keep that resume´ up to date!