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Our Mission

Gateway Farm has maintained its belief that alpacas provide a unique opportunity for developing a new, sustainably  based, primary agricultural industry in the United States for over a decade. There is no exaggeration when we describe our enthusiasm about the possibilities that the alpaca creates.

We have a very simple mission statement. We are proud that we have been able to remain true to our mission since our founding. We maintain a long term view, and look forward to the time that the alpaca industry transitions into a sustainable model.

It is the mission of Gateway Alpaca Farm to breed alpacas of superior fiber quality, conformation and gentle disposition in a variety of colors, to promote the development of a viable domestic alpaca textile industry and to support all who share in our vision of what the alpaca has to offer.

John has been an active participant in the developing alpaca industry in the United States. Among other roles, he has served as both Vice President and as AOBA Liaison for the State of Jefferson Alpaca Association, and as a member of the Alpaca Owner and Breeders Association Affiliate Committee, and as President of the Alpaca Fiber Cooperative of North America.

Our alpaca farm also supports the development of a sustainable industry through our support of 4H and FFA programs. We continue to offer a 20% discount on all fiber quality alpacas to any child who is a member of these organizations.

We use sustainable practices on our farm, whether with our livestock, our poultry, or our produce. 

This is why we can say, "We are fashioning the future." 


Alpaca Sales

"He was a big man; his features and even his ample moustache gave a disconcerting impression of rugged integrity,and I remember him chiefly in an alpaca or seersucker coat. Though much less formal, more democratic -- in a word -- than my father, I stood in awe of him for a different reason, and this I know now was because he possessed the penetration to discern the flaws in my youthful character..."

Winston Churchill
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