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Our Values

At Gateway Farm we value many of the simple things in life. We do our best to be good stewards of what has been entrusted to us. This includes our land, our alpacas, and also our customers. We believe that a clearly defined set of core values is necessary both to conduct business and to enjoy a fulfilling life.

In all of our business dealings involving our farm we strive to maintain the following core values.

  • We do not exploit our environment or fellow man
  • We practice honesty and full disclosure
  • We maintain knowledge of the status and needs of each of our animals, our industry and our customers, and...
  • We are committed to meeting those needs 

We believe in the virtue of integrity, commitment, honesty and hard work. These are timeless values. A handshake and a person's word should mean more than a written contract. We value our relationship with our customers, and we consider ourselves successful when those we do business with become our friends. We strive to remain available for ongoing support to all that share our love of the alpaca.

We believe that what is freely given is generously returned.  This is reflected in our involvement as volunteers in our community and our industry.  

In short, we conduct business the way we want to be treated.

Alpaca Sales

"He smoked several pounds of my tobacco, and taught me several ounces of things worth knowing; but he would never accept any gifts, not even when the cold weather came, and gripped the poor thin chest under the poor thin alpaca-coat. He grew very angry, and said that I had insulted him, and that he was not going into hospital. He had lived like a beast and he would die rationally, like a man..."

Rudyard Kipling
Indian Tales
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